This may be the best caregiver job anywhere!

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What makes this the best caregiver job ever?  It’s because we are the Hearts of Gold Caregivers.  It’s who we are and what our caregivers represent.  Not everyone is cut out for this kind of work.  Those who do hold within them a heart more precious than gold.  You don’t need to be a CNA or have any special training, license or certification to work for Hearts of Gold Caregivers.  Caregiving is a special kind of vocation, and the rewards are rich.  Watch the videos below to see why.

Can you identify with Gina? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a job that makes you feel so good about the important part you play in someone’s life?  This is job satisfaction.

See what Rhen has to say about her experience as a caregiver with one of our clients.

Would you like the kind of job that Rhen finds so rewarding?  Are you the kind of person who likes to make a difference in someone’s life?

Hearts of Gold Caregivers is always looking for compassionate, caring, and dependable caregivers who are interested in making a difference in the lives of seniors in our community.  You do not need to have any formal training as a caregiver, you do not need to be a CNA,  nor do you need any special education or training.  We provide the most comprehensive training and support in the industry, that will help equip you with the skills and knowledge to do your job professionally.  You must have at least a high school education to apply.  Both women and men, 18 and older, are welcome to apply and we proudly employ many of our seniors in the community.

What makes us different?  We recently had the wonderful opportunity to participate in an interview with Brian Kearns, who is an entrepreneur in Kansas City working on a business project by the name of  Brian interviewed us for a series entitled “Hiring Success Stories,” in which we discuss why the Hearts of Gold Caregivers hiring practices are important to us, and more importantly, to our clients. Please check out Hearts of Gold Caregivers: Fueled by Passion, Skill and Dedication.


We’re always looking for new hearts of gold to join our “A-Team”.  Our caregivers come from all over the Columbia Gorge region – from Washington and Oregon.  Our services are provided from Cascade Locks to Rufus, Parkdale to Tygh Valley. As much as possible, we try to connect caregivers with clients who live in their area to limit the miles that caregivers must travel for work.  Some of our caregivers are CNA, and they say they prefer the one-on-one care they can give our clients, rather than the high pressure environment they have worked in an assisted living facility or nursing home.  Are you looking for the best caregiver job ever?  CNA, CMA, LPN, RN are all welcome to apply for a position as a caregiver.  Find out more by visiting our blue glow heart for website SPOT 2FAQs about being a Caregiver.

Here is how to apply.

  • Call our toll free employment line at: (877) 404-4731 for more details about the caregiver position.  If you would like to apply, record a message with your name and contact information and we’ll contact you. Or,
  • blue glow heart for website SPOT 2Click here to go right to our online employment application.  If you have any difficulties filling out the online application form, please contact us at 541-387-0207.
  • Visit us at our office, learn all about the roles and responsibilities of a caregiver and fill out a job application form.


Our caregivers truly enjoy working with Hearts of Gold Caregivers.  For the past two years we have won the “Employer of Choice Award” by independent, anonymous surveys of caregivers 2015_Employer-of-ChoiceJan__2014_Employer of Choice_300
conducted by Home Care Pulse.  Read below what some of the caregivers have to say about working with Hearts of Gold Caregivers:

  • “They do a very good job at matching us with our clients. They consider our personalities as well as our abilities”
  • “I know the agency does everything they can to make sure we enjoy working with our clients”
  • “The office staff is always accessible even during off hours, there is always someone on-call”
  •  “My job satisfaction couldn’t be higher”
  • “The new employee training was excellent. They gave us training on how to provide personal care tasks. They also trained us on medication administration and CPR”
  • “I am very likely to recommend the services because they take very good care of their clients. I wouldn’t be working there if I felt like they didn’t”
  • “We always get a Care Plan before we start and the supervisor also goes with us to introduce us and verify everything that needs to be done”
  • “The employee handbook is very informative and descriptive. They also make sure they go over anything our clients need and expect of us before we go to work with them”
  • “They are a company who cares about who they are caring for. I have recommended them before, and I would recommend them again”.