Hearts of Gold Caregivers in home care services are comprehensive.

Institutional settings, such as an assisted living facility or a nursing home provide around the clock care.  Under certain circumstances that’s exactly what some seniors need.  But many seniors don’t need the constant oversight offered in the institutional facilities.  What many seniors need and want are short visits by a trusted, caring worker in their home.  That caregiver provides just the right amount of assistance to allow the senior to continue thriving in their own home.  This is Home Care or In Home Care.

“Home” is wherever the client lives whether he/she lives in a house, apartment, assisted living community, nursing care facility, or even while staying in the hospital.

In Oregon, home care agencies are required to be licensed by the Oregon Health Authority.  There are four licensure classifications for home care agencies:

Support Services
Personal Care Medication Reminders Medication Assistance Medication Administration Nursing Services

Hearts of Gold Caregivers is licensed as a Comprehensive agency. 

This means that a full spectrum of care services are available to you.  In short, we offer assisted living brought to you, in your own home, on your terms.

Our services can help you keep your independence and enable you to continue living in your own home.

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