Our Caregivers have Hearts of Gold.

No single element of Hearts of Gold Caregivers matters more than the caregivers we select to provide the quality services on which we pride ourselves.  Our “A” team of quality caregivers are a special group of women and men who are ready to serve you.

blue glow heart for website SPOT 2How We Select Our Caregivers

Hiring caregivers is one of the most elemental and important tasks we do.  The gravity of the responsibility for placing a caregiver into the homes of some of the most vulnerable people in our community – our seniors – is never taken lightly.  There are so many elements – skills, personality, physical ability, behavior – to consider when we evaluate whether to hire someone for a caregiver position, it could be overwhelming.  But in the final analysis, there is one key question we ask ourselves when we make a decision whether to hire a caregiver, and that is – Would I feel comfortable having this person care for my mother?

Asking that one seemingly simple question really just sums it up.  Because if you start to think about the ideal caregiver – someone you’d trust to care for your own mother – then a lot of other preliminary questions need to be satisfactorily answered, such as:

  • Does the caregiver have any criminal activities in their background?
  • Does the caregiver take illegal drugs?
  • What do friends and business relations say about the caregiver?
  • What do former employers say about the caregiver?
  • Does the caregiver have some level of education (at least high school), and does she have the capacity to learn the job?
  • What kind of previous relevant job experience does the caregiver have?
  • Is the caregiver physically able to do the job that they are expected to do?
  • Can the caregiver drive, and does she have an acceptable driving record?
  • Is her car safe and reliable?
  • Does the caregiver have any communicable diseases such as TB?
  • Is the caregiver a nice person?
  • Does she demonstrate that she has the qualities of patience and compassion, and a genuine desire to help older people?

blue glow heart for website SPOT 2Training Our Caregiver Staff

The management of Hearts of Gold Caregivers places high importance on the training of our caregivers, since the best trained caregivers will be able to help our clients live more safely and maintain their independence while living in their own home.  It is essential that our caregivers are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to be able to carry out their caregiving tasks with confidence and correctness.

Even before a caregiver is allowed to step foot into a client’s home, each must have gone through our 2-day Company Orientation and Initial training.  During these 2 days, caregivers learn about our policies and procedures, the services that Hearts of Gold Caregivers provide, the basics of working with clients, how to understand a client’s service plan, how to document in the client’s chart notes, and much more.

Following this course, caregivers can be assigned to work with clients requiring only companionship care and support services.  During their first 90 days of employment, caregivers receive blue glow heart for website SPOT 2mentoring support by senior caregivers who have a higher level of training and experience.  The new caregivers’ formal education continues and by the end of the first 90 days of employment, they should have completed training in personal care and medication services.

Following the successful completion of the prerequisite training course, caregivers will be enrolled into the Hearts of Gold Caregivers Academy.  Hearts of Gold Caregivers has partnered with aQuire Training Solutions to provide our staff with access to over 60 online, interactive training courses exclusively for caregivers.  Some of the courses offered in the Hearts of Gold Caregivers’ Academy are unique to us (including hands-on practicums) to ensure that our staff members have access to the best training in our industry.  Learn more about the Hearts of Gold Caregivers Academy training program; blue glow heart for website SPOT 2click here.

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blue glow heart for website SPOT 2Meet Our Caregivers

When it comes to caregivers, we hire only the best of the best.  We’re so very proud of our hard-working and devoted team of caregivers, currently about 70 individuals and continuing to grow.  Below is a list of some of our caregivers that we are featuring because of their achievements.  Click on any of the names to learn more about them.

Debbie L

Jeri R

Mandy C

Jane D

Jayne M

Gina H

Steve A

Gina H

Rhonda G

Steve A