Faith Keolker

1966 - 2018 


Co-Founder, Faith Keolker

Faith’s first job as a teenager was working at a pub owned and operated by her parents in Clevedon, England. Later she took a job at a window and glass company where she learned her office and organization skills. Later, in search of a more meaningful career, she took a position with a non-profit organization that focused on improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in low-income countries. She met Thomas whilst on deployment for a project in Sri Lanka. At the conclusion of the project, Thomas decided to bring Faith home as his souvenir. They were later married in Hood River in 2008.

That same year, Faith and Thomas opened Hearts of Gold Caregivers. Faith was the cornerstone of the agency’s internal operations. Her conviction for carrying out the Agency’s mission guided our team toward success, making Hearts of Gold Caregivers the most referred home care agency in the mid-Columbia gorge.

Faith’s death after a long battle with cancer was a painful loss for the Agency. But her legacy will live on as the staff strive toward our goal of integrity, professionalism, high standards and quality care.