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They call them the “Golden Years.”  But sometimes the enjoyment of old age can be diminished by the challenges that aging often brings.

Staying independent and in your own home is a major goal for virtually every senior.

Hearts of Gold Caregivers was founded with the intent of bringing tailored assistance to seniors so they can maintain their independence.  In doing so, we can help them to stay in their homes.  And let’s face it, wouldn’t we all prefer to grow older in familiar surroundings?

What is home care?
Most people know what an assisted living facility or a nursing home is.  But many do not realize that home care is a real option for aging seniors when they start needing some help.  With home care, the service is brought to the senior, in their own home.  A home aide or caregiver is assigned to lend assistance in whatever way is necessary to make life easier.  Once the scheduled shift is complete, the caregiver goes home.  The type of help that is provided varies from person to person and is tailored to their specific needs.  There are a broad range of tasks and chores that the caregiver can do; it all depends upon what needs to be done.  Simply put, we bring assisted living to seniors, wherever they call home.  So whether you live in a house, apartment, independent living facility, assisted living facility, or nursing home, we’re there to help you.

Home care is an affordable option that helps seniors maintain their independence and enables them to stay in their own home. Watch our video to learn why home care could be the solution you’re looking for.

Are you providing care for someone you love?  Being a caregiver for your spouse, parent, in-law, or other loved one can be overwhelming at times.  Most often, caregiving skills are learned as you go – by trial and error.  We offer you resources and training so you can become a more knowledgeable, skilled caregiver.  We invite you to utilize our blue glow heart for website SPOT 2Family Learning Center at no charge or commitment from you.

Watch a sample Alzheimer’s Disease training video from the Family Learning Center.

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