Family Learning Center

Being a family caregiver can be tough.

The Family Learning Center is a wonderful resource for anyone who is a caregiver for a family member and in need of learning more.   Over 40 hours of training, covering a wide variety of subjects, is available free of charge and no sign up. Just click the button below to access the Family Learning Center portal.

Here is a list of courses that you can find in our Family Learning Center:

  • Human Needs and Development

  • Handling Difficult Situations and Behaviors, part 1

  • Handling Difficult Situations and Behaviors, part 2

  • Emergency First Aid: Burns and Poisons

  • Emergency First Aid: Heart Attack and Shock

  • Emergency First Aid: Choking and Falls

  • Emergency First Aid: Stroke and Wounds

  • Elimination and Toileting

  • Providing Skin Care

  • End of Life Care

  • Assessments and Care Planning

  • Signs and Symptoms

  • In their shoes: A person’s perspective

  • What families should know

  • Daily care skills

  • Practicing good hygiene

  • Environment is important

  • Creating a calming, restful environment

  • Preventing weight loss

  • Improving diet & nutrition

  • Challenging behaviors: Prevention

  • Challenging behaviors: After an event

  • Managing pain & non-verbal cues